We offer various options that are perfect for any party or business meeting. We can cater small gatherings of ten people, or large corporate events. 

We'll provide a delicious, plant based meal that is made from scratch with mama Azla's time honored recipes.  Your guests will feel happy and nourished, and ready to celebrate and do their best thinking.  And you can take all the credit! 

Call us at 213-745-7455 or e-mail catering@azlavegan.com today! 


Catering FAQ

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We offer customizable menus with your choice of hot entrees and salads.  

Suggested menus with our most popular menu items.

Small Plates (8-15 people)

Misir (spicy lentils)

Kik (curry split peas)

Shimbra Salad (kale + curry chickpeas)

Timatim Salad (cucumbers + tomato + jalapeno)

Injera (Ethiopian Flatbread)

Brown Rice

Lunch/Dinner Meeting (15-30 people)

Spicy Tofu (dry rub tofu + spicy berbere)

Yatakilt (curry potatoes + carrots + cabbage)

Gomen (kale + collard greens)

Keysir (marinated beets + quinoa)

Azifa Salad (French lentil + sundried tomato + ethiopian mustard)

Injera (Ethiopian flatbread)

Brown Rice

Lemonade (Turmeric + Ginger)

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Large Gathering (40-50 people)

Misir (spicy lentils)

Fasolia (carrots + green beans)

Spicy Sweet Potato (sweet potatoes + berbere)

Gomen (kale + collard greens)

Tofu Tibs (baked tofu + caramelized onions + pepper medley)

Spicy Sweet Potato (sweet potato + berbere)

Zucchini Salad (garlic zucchini noodles + tomato + basil)

Shimbra Salad (kale + curry chickpeas + pickled onions + dates)

Injera (Ethiopian flatbread)

Brown Rice

Sorrel (hibiscus + cinnamon)

Lemonade (turmeric + ginger)

Chai Tea


Kitchen sink cookies