Catering FAQs




How far in advance do I need to place my catering order?

We kindly request 48 hour notice on all catering orders.  We will try our best to accommodate requests placed with less time, but can’t guarantee them.


Can Azla Vegan deliver catering orders?

Delivery fees are calculated based on distance. Please call 213-745-7455 or email for more information about delivery.


How much food will I get per person in a catering order?

Our rule of thumb is that each of our catering trays serves 12-15 full sized portions and 18-20 appetizer sized portions.  Please refer to our suggested menus to get a sense of how many trays to order depending on the size of your gathering.  You can also call us at 213-745-7455 or email and we will create a custom menu and quote for your event.


How should I place my catering order?

You can call us at 213-745-7455 or email


How long will it take to set up my catering order?

We suggest you allow 15-20 minutes to set up your order.  


Do I need to provide my own utensils?

We provide serving complementary serving spoons and tongs upon request, and provide plates, napkins, and forks for an additional fee.


Do I need to pay in advance for a catering order?

Yes, we require at least a 50% deposit when placing catering orders, and the remainder before pick up or delivery.


Do you offer full service catering with servers?

We don’t yet offer full service catering, but we can help set up the buffet for your event with enough notice.  


How will my guests with special diets/allergies know what they are eating?

We provide a printed menu with the essential ingredients for each dish listed.  You can also feel free to call us at 213-745-7455 if you have any specific questions about any dietary restrictions.